Canecutters, Eumundi

"Eumundi has always been home to hardworking men & women."

We protect a number of vital characters of the Eumundi townscape.

Eumundi Museum


73 Memorial Drive Eumundi
Postal: PO Box 427 Eumundi Q 4562

Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 3pm


The heart of Eumundi's history.

The Eumundi Museum is an essential part of the Eumundi Experience.

Situated in the middle of town, across the main street from our famous markets, we are housed in the old Methodist church at 73 Memorial Drive.

The permanent displays introduce Eumundi’s past: indigenous history; the early settlers; the timber industry; farming; the hospital; transport; military history; natural history; and the markets.

You can access the centre's collections online at eHive.


Built in 1911, the building was originally the town's Methodist Church. The was purchased in the early 1990s and became the Eumundi Museum in 1996.

The museum was combined with the Eumundi Information Office to form the Discover Eumundi Heritage and Visitor Centre.

In 2015, a new building called Wan'din'in was built at the back of Discover Eumundi. In 2021, the building is currently being refurbished and will reopen as the Eumundi Museum.

Wan'din'in Arts Space


73 Memorial Drive Eumundi
PO Box 427 Eumundi Q 4562

This space is closed to the public until further notice.



Construction of the new extension to Discover Eumundi Heritage and Visitor Centre began in October 2014. The extension was jointly funded by the Australian Government, Eumundi and District Historical Association Inc. (EHA) and the Eumundi Historical Foundation with professional support from WD Architects & Project Manager Dr. Sue Campin.

The project was funded under the 'Building Our Future' Australian Government Community Development Grant program with funding specified to provide a multipurpose room with community space for meetings, workshops and arts and heritage exhibitions. The project involves a commitment from the EHA to expand Discover Eumundi's role through new and exciting initiatives that will welcome in new audiences and users.

A space for cultural exchange.

Opened on 18 May 2015, Wan'din'in - a local indigenous Kabi Kabi word for a gathering of people - was built to provide a multipurpose room with community space for meetings, workshops, and arts & heritage exhibitions.

Original Eumundi Markets


80 Memorial Drive Eumundi
Tel: 07 5442 7106

Opening Hours:
Wednesday 8am to 1.30pm
Saturday 7am to 2pm


An icon of our town's crafty heritage.

Now over 40 years old, the Original Eumundi Markets is an iconic fixture in Eumundi. The market has always stayed true to its' "make it. bake it. sew it. grow it." mantra and this has ensured continued growth through the years.

From its' humble beginnings,  the market has now grown to more than 600 stalls with an annual visitation of 1.6 million people!


It was 1979 when ceramic artist Christa Barton and her friend Gail Perry-Somers came up with the idea of holding a European style 'artisans and farmers' market in Eumundi. The area had become a home for artisans, craftspeople and refugees from suburbia. What attracted people then, as now, was the town's openness, sense of community and simpler way of life.

On 24 March 1979 three marketeers gamely set up their stalls around the CWA hall, with refreshments served inside. There was a grand total of eight visitors and a turnover of $30. The Original Eumundi Markets was up and running! The market's auspicing body was and still is our association, the Eumundi and District Historical Association Inc.

Eumundi School of Arts


Memorial Drive
Eumundi QLD 4562

Tel: 5442 8762

See a full list of events here



The first School of Arts Hall was built in 1908. Found to be too small, it was rebuilt and opened in 1912. The hall has always been a focal point for the community and in its early days was well known for fabulous balls and dances.

Over the years the EHA has maintained the hall and restored various aspects such as the restumping works commenced in 2015. The recent refurbishment of the bar and toilets has received two awards from the Building Designers Association Inc.

Historic host to Eumundi's festivities & gatherings.

The EHA is trustee for the School of Arts hall and responsible for its maintenance, development and use - for the community of Eumundi.

The hall is used for various community activities and also available for hire for  weddings, conferences, meetings, events and classes & workshops.